The foot in Mt. Tateshina, Shinshu, where grand nature spreads, the leisure zone which sees, touches and plays and can experience the wonderfulness of Nature through the senses
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Tateshina Pasture
The main stage Tateshina pasture of a white birch plateau. The mecca of a plateau hike visits in summer and many people visit as a white birch plateau international skiing area in winter.

At the Tateshina contact pasture , pretty animals, such as a sheep and a pony donky miniature-pigs rabbit, are pastured, and I can come into contact with immediately in the neighborhood. Of course, it is extreme popularity also to a child!

On the second pasture of Tateshina, I can look at the horses which run about the extensive prairie freely, and can also taste fresh milk and ice cream in an adjoining store.






Let's make friends with animals♪
At the Tateshina contact pasture, I can enjoy contact with pretty animals, such as a sheep, a goat, a donky, miniature pigs, and a rabbit.
At the second pasture distant for a while of Tateshina, the figure of the horses which run about freely, or the cows which eat grass tranquilly can look at a vast prairie.

Miniature pigs Rabbit
Miniature pigs Rabbit

Sheep Goat
Sheep Goat

I will publish the photograph of the animals
which can meet now at a season and a pasture at any time!

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