The foot in Mt. Tateshina, Shinshu, where grand nature spreads, the leisure zone which sees, touches and plays and can experience the wonderfulness of Nature through the senses
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The lake in which a fairy lives [MEGAMI LAKE]
The human-made lake which dammed up the Akanuma common swamp. Like the full-length mirror of Mt. Tateshina called a woman's Kamiyama, it is a lake of the plateau which projects the graceful shape of a mountain on the water surface.

I change brightness every moment gracefully freshly in the daytime which basks in the sun mystically the early morning covered with morning haze at the time of the dusk which projects the setting sun.

The flower which colors the circumferences, such as RENGETSUTSUJI of a lily of the valley and early summer, from a spring skunk cabbage is also various. Let's take a walk 1.8-km around the lake slowly.






An individual restaurant and shop are located in a line [ "as goddess lake "] it continues from a goddess lake to the Tateshina pasture.

In the alley which goes to a marguerite Reflec park, I can also see many figures of those who are accompanied by a dog and walk.

MEGAMI LAKE Crystal Church
I wish a lake before me and it is a chapel "goddess lake crystal church" of the rich glazing surrounded green about the four quarters.

I follow the virgin road of marble and the grand Nature of . Tateshina watches Sacredness lake Ceremony which remains in the heart at the held chapel. It is a spot popular with a woman.

The image of a goddess
The "goddess lake" where Mt. Tateshina having the name "a woman's Kamiyama" and projecting the figure on the surface of a lake was named. The image of the goddess which is also a symbol of a goddess lake is around the lake.

The goddess image erected so that a lake may be watched is just a guardian deity of a lake.

The rich green pocket park which has a white birch wood etc. which can be happy-go-lucky while being exposed to a cool wind. The optimal ♪ for a walk

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