The foot in Mt. Tateshina, Shinshu, where grand nature spreads, the leisure zone which sees, touches and plays and can experience the wonderfulness of Nature through the senses
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It is a lonely mountain located in the northernmost tip of the altitude of 2,530 m, and the Mt. Yatsugatake mountain range.

I am the double volcano which the lava dome type volcano blew off to the conical volcano type volcano, and was risen and made in it, and the shape of a mountain of the beautiful cone which I desire from the Suwa side is like [ by which I am figuratively expressed also with "Fuji Suwa" ].

I am circular and the summit of the mountain filled by the masses of rock is about 100 m in diameter. The remains of a crater become depressed slightly and I impress the vestiges which were volcanoes. Tateshina shrine Okumiya's God of stone is deified in the hollow.

There is also a cause which is distant from other mountains, so that you may call it independent Mine, and 360 views from the summit of the mountain are the Mt. Yatsugatake mountain range, the north-south Alps, the central Alps, and a large panorama, and are very wonderful.






Mt. Tateshina circumference mountain-climbing / hike guidance

Point explanation
* Mt. Tateshina A steep ascent way of a lignosa belt continues from the seventh stage, and I join the way from the Ogawara peak by a general common, and become sudden Iwamichi to the summit of the mountain. I am a repetition of a steep incline and A loose slope for Naoto of about 800 m of vertical drops from a goddess tea stall, and am sudden Iwamichi directly under the summit of the mountain.
* Yashigamine The treasury of a flower. It is ONE road along which the large panorama of 360 degrees tends to walk. It is the mountain which made Kirigamine small.
* Futagoike It is a lake of Yamagami's mystical atmosphere. There are OIKE and MEIKE.
* Kikkouike If water withers, I will crack to a tortoise shell type.
* Mt. Futago I can enjoy the view of the ridgeline of a pleasant prairie, and the surrounding mountains.
* Gosensui natural garden A park with an altitude of 1,830 m has a marshland zone by FUKUSUI at the center. Inside a garden can do a beautiful view and natural sightseeing trip by the walk way along which it is easy to walk.
Deify of the stone of the Tateshina shrine (summit of the mountain)
* Photograph offer : the Mt. Tateshina top hut Mr. Yoshiaki Yonekawa

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